It's the Last Weekend to Sign the Petition!

Colorado requires all signatures to be in-person. There is no online option, so please find a circulator, sign and tell your friends! Find us at Whole Foods from 11 am - 2 pm and 3 pm - 7 pm. We are also at Natural Grocers stores as often as we can be, usually on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Join Us August 4th on the West Steps of the State Capitol, 9:30 am!

Tractors and Strollers - Right to Know Colorado invites you to join our historic rally! We'll make some major announcements, feature some great speakers, thank our supporters and gather huge energy for the coming campaign. 

Our Speakers will include: Robin O’Brien, Larry & Tryna Cooper, Alan Lewis, Dave Murphy, Lisa Stokke, Marcy Goetz-Than, Tammi Deville Merrell, Shannon Ridge, Cheryl Gray, & Steve Hoffman. We will update our fellow Coloradans on the GMO Labeling Movement and share what is happening with other GMO labeling campaigns around the country. 

Following the Rally, we will all march to the office of the Secretary of State. From the west steps, the route runs north on Lincoln Street to 17th Avenue, east one block to Sherman Street, then north into the Wells Fargo Parking Lot. We will hand deliver all of our petition signatures to the Secretary of State at that time.

Hope to see you there!


To view the ballot title as approved by the Colorado Supreme Court,visit


About Us

Right to Know Colorado GMO has launched a grassroots campaign to achieve mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or GMOs across the state. Our movement is built on the foundation that we have the basic right to know what is in our food and what we are feeding our families.

With mainstream news coverage and legislation in Congress highlighting the issue of genetically engineered foods nationwide, GMO labeling is on the rise as a hot topic in Colorado communities and households. Right to Know Colorado believes that Colorado consumers should have a choice when it comes to the ingredients and the  food they ingest.

This campaign gives Coloradans the opportunity to make informed decisions about their diet, health, and general lifestyle. Food labels list and describe nearly every detailed component of the food product, from the caloric values and processing information, to the fat and protein content and the known allergens. Adding a simple label for GMO ingredients would fulfill Colorado consumers’ right to know, enabling them to make educated food purchases and dietary choices for themselves and their families.

Gaining Momentum!

Our campaign is organizing to place an initiative on the ballot in November of 2014.  Summer 2013, the steering committee laid the groundwork for this initiative campaign: drafted the title language, implemented the initial fundraising strategy, and kicked off coalition building activities. We are in the last week of collecting signatures and are recruiting volunteers to help with the campaign; we're amplifying our fundraising efforts and continuing public outreach on the labeling issue.

Support the Campaign!

This campaign needs you in order to accomplish these goals! We need your support to win in November! Support the campaign by volunteering, contributing, and helping us spread the word. Please share the news about this campaign and GMO labeling with you family, friends, and other Coloradans.

We have the right to know!