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About Us

Right to Know Colorado GMO is launching a grassroots campaign to achieve mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or GMOs across the state. Our movement is built on the foundation that we have the basic right to know what is in our food and what we are feeding our families.

With mainstream news coverage and legislation in Congress highlighting the issue of genetically engineered foods nationwide, GMO labeling is on the rise as a hot topic in Colorado communities and households. Right to Know Colorado believes that Colorado consumers should have a choice when it comes to the ingredients and the  food they ingest.

This campaign gives Coloradans the opportunity to make informed decisions about their diet, health, and general lifestyle. Food labels list and describe nearly every detailed component of the food product, from the caloric values and processing information, to the fat and protein content and the known allergens. Adding a simple label for GMO ingredients would fulfill Colorado consumers’ right to know, enabling them to make educated food purchases and dietary choices for themselves and their families.

Gaining Momentum!

Our campaign is organizing to place an initiative on the ballot in November of 2014.  Summer 2013, the steering committee laid the groundwork for this initiative campaign: drafted the title language, implemented the initial fundraising strategy, and kicked off coalition building activities. We are now ready to collect signatures and are recruiting volunteers; we're amplify our fundraising efforts and beginning public outreach on the labeling issue.

Support the Campaign!

This campaign needs you in order to accomplish these goals! We are asking for your help to jump-start our organizing and fundraising efforts! Support the campaign by volunteering, donating, and helping us spread the word. Please share the news about this campaign and GMO labeling with you family, friends, and other Coloradans.

We have the right to know!



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Right to Know Colorado - GMO Labelling Initiative for Colorado
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We need to get the practice of Mutagenesis banned or excluded as a “traditional breeding practice”. Right now, products created using mutagenesis can be labeled as “non-GMO”.
Mutagenesis is the practice of exposing a seed/embryo to toxic chemicals and radiaton(gamma, x-rays…) to produce mutations for a desired trait.
This practice has been used to produce Clearfield Wheat for the sole purpose of using and selling BASF’s pesticide Beyond. It was achieved by exposing wheat seeds (already hybridized and cross-bred for high-yield dwarf varieties) to sodium azide: so toxic it could explode if mishandled and fatal if inhaled, along with gamma and x-rays to induce mutations.

Here is the petition to sign:

commented 2014-04-10 21:36:21 -0600 · Flag
Big Food’s “DARK Act” Introduced in Congress:

Didn’t get a chance to mention this at the training meeting tonight, but here is some pertinent information on the national level where a bill has been introduced in Congress to block our right to label GMOs.

You can sign a petition to your congressperson under the Take Action link on the homepage.
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About Right to Know Colorado GMO - Here is our chance to show the country what Colorado can do!
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I’ve seen the challenge that other states have had with GMO labeling campaigns and I’m really hoping that Colorado can gain enough support to pave the path for others!
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