DARK Act Action Needed NOW!

Friends, Please Stop What You Are Currently Doing, We Need Your Help Right Now! Have you heard of the DARK ACT?  The U.S. House of Representatives passed HB 1599, “the Dark Act” right before the break.  Now the bill may be moving forward to the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks, possibility introduced by Senator John Hoeven (R – ND).   What is the Dark ACT?  It has been dubbed “The Dark Act” because IT WOULD TAKE AWAY STATES’ RIGHTS to: Label foods made with GMO’s, Protect Farmers from genetic contamination, and, Regulate GMO’s to protect human health or the environment. Pre-empting states’ rights is a dangerous precedence and could affect other legislation in the future! It would also allow the word “Natural” to be used alongside GMOs, even though they are patented! It would also strip the FDA’s power to: Acknowledge the difference between GMOs and normal foods, including food safety risks of GMOs, Conduct systematic pre-market safety assessments of GMOs, and,  Require labels on GMOs. It would put labeling standards into the hands of the USDA which would be a watered down labeling law that would require fewer standards than the GMO Verified Project.  The time to take action is now!  Right To Know Colorado is asking for a few minutes of your time to reach out and call our Senators Today! Please don’t put this off!  We need to inundate them with phone calls to all of their state offices over next few days (Sept 2, 3, and 4) before they go back to Washington, and then again with phone calls to their Washington offices the beginning of next week (Sept 8, 9, and 10) .  We need our voices (YOURS!) to be heard loud and clear. Read more

Dark Act in the Senate

Dark Act Highlights H.R. 1599 The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act passed in the House on July 23, 2015 and may possibly be introduced in the Senate by John Hoeven (R- ND) This bill has also been dubbed “The Dark Act because it would take away states’ rights  Label foods made with GMO’s Protect farmers from genetic contamination, and Regulate GMO’s to protect human health or the environment It would also allow the word “natural” to be used alongside GMOs! It would also strip the FDA’s powers to: Acknowledge the difference between GMOs and normal foods, including the food safety risks of GMOs. Conduct systematic pre- market safety assessments of GMOs and Require labels on GMOs It would put labeling standards into the hands of the USDA which would be a watered down labeling law that would require less standards than GMO Verified Project. The following 12 Democrats who have previously voted against states’ rights for GMO labeling in 2013 and may cosponsor or support the DARK Act, are listed below along with the amounts of money they’ve received from various pro GMO corporations. Read more

Right to Know Summer Picninc

Join us to gather in appreciation for all those involved in the campaign as we Reconnect… Maintain Momentum …and Move Forward…We created a lot of awareness statewide with Right to Know Colorado in the year leading up to and throughout the Campaign for Yes on 105 and it is not over. It is too important for too many to know what we are feeding our families.For our Picnic/Pot Luck we will have 2 separate tables to meet all cooking styles, needs and taste.One for those with “Simple Food Sensitivities” so please label ingredients and 2nd all other “Standard Favorite Recipe &/or Picnic Fair”Also bring your ideas and suggestions as we continue to share information with Coloradoans on foods produced with genetic engineering, pesticides, and the overall state of our food system. We will go over the next direction of our group as laid out on the work meeting earlier this year. This will include education campaigns for the next 12 months, leadership, and opportunities for your involvement.Belleview Park has lots to offer for all ages so please bring your family.We will be in the Large Shelter.While you are at Belleview Park you can also enjoy a ride on the Miniature Train, play by the creek or on the playground equipment, ride your bikes along the bike paths, enjoy the petting zoo or Pirates Cove Water Park next door.Belleview Children’s Farm 5001 S. Inca • 303-798-6927$1.75 Per Person (Children Under 2 Years are FreePirates Cove Family Aquatic Center1225 W. Belleview • 303-762-COVEHope to see you Saturday as we build game plan and strategies for the Future of our Food.

NEW AD: What corn are you eating?

Watch Dr. Ray Seidler (the first EPA researcher to study genetically engineered crops) show the difference between GMO corn and non-GMO corn. Which would you want to eat?    Read more

Top 10 Opposition Donors

The following information is available through public records from our Colorado Secretary of State. We have been primarily funded directly from individuals, individuals contributing through Food Democracy Now!, and a handful of companies that share our goal to label foods produced with genetic engineering. Our supporters have asked about who is funding our opposition.  Here is a ranked list of the top 10 financial contributors opposing your right to know what is in the foods we are eating in Colorado. Read more

the evil empire (no, seriously)

My name is Rick Ridder. You probably don’t know me. You see, I try pretty hard to stay behind the scenes. But here’s the deal: I’m the strategy guy. And I’m the one that has to make the final decisions about how much we can afford to put behind our advertising in the final two weeks of this campaign. That’s why I’m writing to you today with an urgent appeal:   Read more

What Is Covered

Let us look at what is covered with Proposition 105. Read more

Thanks to our volunteers!

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we have some great homemade videos to share with Colorado voters still trying to make up their minds about Prop 105! Do you have a video to share? Email it to volunteer@righttoknowcolorado.org and we'll add it to this page! Click through to see our grassroots videos... Read more

Right to Know Colorado Announces First Ads of Campaign

Check out our first ads in support of YES on 105! Read more


GMO LABELING OPPOSITION ROOTED IN PROTECTING PROFITS, NOT CONSUMERS DENVER – October 14, 2014 – Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) is urging Colorado voters to vote “yes” on Proposition 105, the ballot initiative that would require mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food across the state, subject to some exceptions. Chipotle is already voluntarily labeling GMO ingredients in its food, and is actively working to eliminate GMOs from the ingredients it uses to make its food. Read more

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